ICAST REVIEW (September-2017, Page #20)


Following its debut at ICAST, a new Canadian company is now busy manufacturing what it describes as the ‘ultimate ice fishing system’.

TIPNJIG introduced a product of the same name at the show and reported ‘tremendous’ response from visitors to its booth who checked out the innovative ‘Sure-Lock’ trigger base and strike indicator.

TIPNJIG is the brainchild of Jozsef Debreceni and has been 30 years in development. Today, his dedication has paid off and he has perfected a system where you can interchange different rod tips (light, medium and heavy action), at any time to the handle that is designed to be fished as a tip-up or just for jigging.

Marketing Manager Leslie Suranyi said: “Since TIPNJIG is a new product for the ice fishing industry. We were keen to introduce the product at ICAST and interact with those who fish during the winter months. They adored the ingenuity of the system and appreciated the quality. We made great contacts with sales people, retailers, fi shermen and the media. 

“We are currently manufacturing TIPNJIG and trying to make connections so that fishermen can have access to purchase this product for the up and coming 2018 season. 

“We are primarily focused on establishing distribution through Canada and some parts of the US, mostly states around the Great Lakes and Northeast regions. The next opportunity would be to go to the European markets and those countries that ice fish.” 

Suranyi added that he found his first ICAST to be an ‘eye-opening’ experience. “To see the
great of number people who are so passionate about the sport was really astonishing.  Everyone we met at the show was so friendly and a pleasure to talk to,” he added.